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Purchase PMod2

E-mail a purchase order from your company to   Also, e-mail the completed GeoIsoChem Software Licensee Information form and the completed GeoIsoChem Software License Agreement (signed on page 2 by an authorized official of your Institute). At this time, we require a Wire Transfer to the GeoIsoChem Bank Account.  Payment instructions will be given in the Invoice that you will receive after submitting your order. 

If you wish to evaluate PMod2 prior to purchase, e-mail your request and the completed GeoIsoChem Software Licensee Information to You will receive instructions for downloading PMod2 for a 30-day evaluation period.

Price List effective January 1, 2018 (subject to change without notice)

*Single User License for installing and running PMod2 on one specific PC workstation.  Installing PMod2 on a server and running it on a networked workstation is not enabled.  Upon receipt of payment, a permanent hardware-dependent numeric key will be issued for each licensed workstation.   A license for PMod2 can be moved to a different workstation only by uninstalling both the software and numeric key per instructions from GeoIsoChem Corporation.

**This price includes a reasonable amount of user help for the first year.  Prompt and high quality support will be provided.  Thereafter, user help can be obtained through a service contract with GeoIsoChem Corporation.

*** The use of this software for commercial applications is specifically excluded for an Academic License.   Furthermore, an Academic License must not be used for sponsored research in which the sponsoring contract requires publication delays or proprietary rights to generated data.   If an Academic License is purchased and later used for sponsored research that does not qualify for the academic discount, an upgrade to a Commercial License must be purchased at the incremental cost.  GeoIsoChem will endeavor to identify any misuse of an Academic License and will revoke any Academic License that is found to be in non-compliance.