Kinetics and Stable Gas Isotopes Simulation

The analysis and interpretation of stable gas isotopes allows fast determination of key fluid properties and sweet spots during drilling or completion

  • Modeling of generation kinetics of hydrocarbon components from thermal cracking of immature source rocks by a system of pyrolysis experiments
  • Isotopic modeling and calibration of gases generated from thermal cracking of immature source rocks
  • Estimation of fluid properties by reference to gas isotopes
  • Correlation of gases in an exploration area to their sources
  • Assessment of mixed source hydrocarbons and the timing of hydrocarbon generation


Prediction of Fluid Properties
Typical activation energy distributions in a hydrocarbon generation kinetics model

Diagnostic of Early-Stage TSR and H2S Origin

An unique technology to detect early-stage H2S generation at low reservoir temperature using FT-ICR-MS, with integrated analysis from:

  • Sealed gold-tube pyrolysis
  • Gas sulfur isotope analysis
  • Compound specific sulfur isotope
  • FT-ICR-MS analysis for N, S, O species

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