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Main Window

Execution of Kinetics05 first displays the following main window showing the version number, copyright,  and licensing information.  The two main software developers are no longer employed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  Robert Braun is now with GeoIsoChem Corporation and Alan Burnham is with American Shale Oil, LLC.

Kinetics05 provides the user numerous options for reducing and calculating kinetic parameters from a wide range of experimental techniques and data.   There are 4 basic functions within the program:

  1. Data viewing, modification, and reduction
  2. Analysis or calculation of kinetic parameters
  3. Viewing digital or graphical results
  4. Application of arbitrary thermal histories

As shown in the opening screen, menu buttons direct the user to these functions as:

  • Data 
  • Analysis 
  • View 
  • Apply

Each of these functions will be discussed in separate sections.  The operations in the View function are also available withiin the Analysis and the Apply functions.

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